Your Words Are Magically Powerful

Words are powerful. It can harm or heal your soul.
Do not use your words to describe your situation, use your words to change your situation! That’s what the above video is all about. Change your words and you can change your life.

Negative words about another person can and does hurt. Very likely you can remember a handful of hurtful comments made years ago. You have not forgotten them because words are impactful. Hurtful words can pierce like a sword and cause a wound that is difficult to erase. Your thoughts and attitudes determine your life. How you think and the words you use, or refrain from using on a daily basis has a profound impact on your daily living. You can feel bitter or better by the choice of words you think and speak.

Your words have tremendous power. It can create and build love or destroy relationships. It can increase or decrease your motivation. No matter how you are feeling, do not set the tone of the day by speaking negatively to yourself. Instead of saying, “This is going to be a long and tiring day.” Or “I hate seeing X in the office.” Speak positively by saying, “I am excited to start the day. I can’t wait to see God’s blessings. Something good is going to happen today ! “

Simple key to joy is to send your words out in the direction you want your life to go.
As human, we have the propensity to focus on our problems instead of counting your blessings. Start to be thankful each day. Show appreciation. Every word you speak matters. A message you sent may be insignificant to you, but to the recipient it can be life changing.



Today challenge yourself in choosing your words wisely. Speak out of authenticity, not out of insecurity. Speak words of kindness, compassion and of love. Let the seeds of positivity and greatness take root!

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