10 Lessons that bring Growth and Purpose to Life

This week it’s my birthday week. A couple of years ago, I started a tradition of GIVING either to be of service to others (through volunteerism) or giving people gifts on my birthday week. Just to express gratitude for God’s goodness, God’s abundant blessings, HIS great love for us and to celebrate life!

I am thankful for being blessed with yet another year of blessings in which I can continue to live out my life’s purpose to be of service to others.

Just like last year, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to YOU , my friends and readers for the time spent reading my blog posts, my stories and FB page sharing at Inspired passion with reg . I am grateful that you are a part of my life’s journey. Your friendship has made the journey meaningful and truly worthwhile.

What’s truly meaningful that I have learned from my life’s journey is the importance of having a heart of gratitude and humility.
I am also very thankful for the many life lessons that I have learned along the way. We are always learning new things in our life, so here I am sharing with you 10 things I have learned about living a purposeful and meaning life.


1) God has favor over your life but it begins with FAITH in HIM

We have all been disappointed at one time or another. Many people are lying along the roadside of life because they have not learned how to place their FAITH, hope and confidence in God. Put your trust in HIM. God will bring about new seasons of growth.

If you are open to change knowing that God has something better for you, new doors of opportunity, new levels of favor and blessings will come your way. Put actions behind your faith, and you will see your dreams become a reality.

2) Don’t get affected by the opinion of insecure people.

I have learned that insecure people often try to shake your security.

I know of an acquaintance who would criticize on the things that I do. When I was driving, she would asked for a ride, however, in the car she would passed judgement, saying : ” Your driving is not good. It’s not smooth.” Or she would say, “Your speed is too fast.” Or at other time she would comment : ” You’re too slow.”

I like to create music videos during my free time. There was once she saw my videos and commented that it was too amateurish.

I have decided that I do not need to entertain negative judgement and opinion especially when she doesn’t drive nor ever created a music video.

How someone treats you may have nothing to do with you; but can be a reflection of who they are.

3) Pray for others first.

My dad just had a surgery done a couple of weeks ago. Naturally, our family are worried for him as much as he was feeling worried having to go through the surgery. However, I learned something beautiful from my 80 year old Dad. Before the surgery, he said a prayer. As I listened, I heard him prayed for all the people who had prayed for him and also those who had taken care of him when he was in hospital, including the doctors, nurses and hospital attendants. He asked God to bless them all, then finally, he prayed for a successful surgery.

Isn’t it beautiful to put others first, blessing others even when you know your life could be in danger ? Instead of asking God to save us first, why not ask God to bless others first. God sees his generous heart and blessed him with a successful, painless surgery.

4) Remind yourself that things will get better

In life, you may encounter setbacks that may happen ever so often. Know that some lost opportunity just set you up to take advantage of the next one. Understand that you have the power to make the necessary corrections the next time. Forgive yourself (and others) and learn from your mistakes. Don’t dwell on your disappointments for too long, instead, focus your energy on taking constructive actions. Don’t beat yourself up for messing up. Pat yourself when you know you have tried your best!

5) Encourage yourself

I’ve learned that we need to encourage ourselves. We cannot wait and hope that someone else will come along and cheer you up, make you feel better, tell you that you’ll do better next time. You have to depend on yourself. You have to have faith in GOD and in your God’s given ability to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You have to have a positive attitude and constantly encourage yourself with future successes.

6) No matter what you are experiencing right now, know that it is WELL.

There was a time, when I was in the midst of a bout of failure, I heard this song “It is well with my soul” kept on playing for some time on the radio, it was as if the song was played especially to comfort and remind me that this too shall pass…. It moved me to tears. I truly believe that you are only given as much as you can handle, as much setback, as much disappointment, as much failure. In times of sorrow, we need to pull ourselves up and move forward with FAITH in God and ask HIM for strength to carry on.

7) You Reap What You Sow

I am truly thankful and appreciate what others had done for me. I am blessed with a few really amazing friends. Through their kindness, generosity, sincerity and love, I often find comfort, peace, love and joy.

Sometimes, I would tell them that I felt overwhelm by their generosity and kindness. They reminded me ‘it works both ways.’ You reap what you sow. You get what you give.

Big lessons for me to learn: Law of reciprocity, when we sow mercy, we reap a harvest of peace, joy and healthy relationships. Think good thoughts. Be gentle and kind to one another.

8) Let Go of Past Pain

Most of us have fallen prey to mindset that hold us back. One of these fatal habits is visualizing our future based on our past, rather than painting something totally new and without limits. We tend to paint our past into our future.

We all have been through hurts at some point. Work at letting go of past hurts, setting ourselves free by forgiving others and you will feel less resentful and more at peace.

9) Stop comparing, start connecting

I have learned that everyday we can find something that gives us that sense of passion, that sense of joyfulness, that allows us to have fun as we journey through life.

When I was in my teens, I was insecure and always compared myself with my peers. When I was a young adult, I seek for external validation. At most times, I was miserable because I felt that i have failed to live up to people’s expectations. The day that I learned to let go of social validation is the day I found personal liberation.

When we compare ourselves with others we will get bitter but when we connect with our authentic self we will get better.

10) Stop enduring, start enjoying.

I have been through some challenging times for years, being stuck in an environment where I am unable to be at peace. I was naive and  live a life of endurance and acceptance, however, that was in the past. I learned that God has solutions to every problem and I must have the courage to let go of negative people and environment that prevent me from growth (spiritually, intellectually and emotionally).

God sent the Holy Spirit to speak to my heart that says : ” Stop enduring and start ENJOYING.” Honestly, I do not read the bible often, but this scripture John 10:10 speaks to me as thou God is speaking to me to comfort and gave assurance, it says, ” I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].”

If you are not happy with where you are, doing things that you don’t enjoy. Pray and seek God for wisdom and strengths. God will send HIS Holy Spirit to guide you and give you wisdom and strengths to do what you were meant to do. I have found peace, joy and am in contentment most of the time. I hope you will find yours too! May God bless you ! 🙂


john 10-10
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