10 Things I Learned about Living a Purposeful Life


It’s my birthday week. Last year, I started a tradition of GIVING either to be of service to others (through volunteerism) or giving people gifts on my birthday week. Just to express gratitude for God’s great blessings and to celebrate life!

I am thankful for being blessed with yet another amazing year in which I can continue to live out my life’s purpose in serving.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you , my friends and readers for the time spent reading my blog and stories. I am grateful that you are a part of my life’s journey. Your friendship has made the journey meaningful and worthwhile.

The most important thing that I have learned from my journey is the importance of having a heart of gratitude and humility.
I am also very thankful for the many life lessons that I have learned along the way. We are always learning new things in our life, so I am compelled to share with you 10 things I have learned about living a purposeful and meaning life.


1) Your Struggles Make You Stronger

Personally, I had stumbled and failed many times in the past, what I have learned is that the past does not define us — Never be a victim of regret. Do not apologise for who you are and how you have changed because of your personal challenges.

You may be an extrovert or an introvert, complicated or simple, a perfectionist, easy going, structured or carefree person, no matter who you are, you are just as beautiful and wonderful because of your imperfections. Through your life’s challenges, strength and wisdom grow and your personal circumstance is a gift that not many people are given.

2) Be Of Service to People

When I was a little girl, I thought I needed to protect myself from being hurt and therefore I had a scarcity mindset of always asking myself “What’s in it for me?” Growing up, in my early teens, I didn’t feel that I was living a purposeful and meaningful life when the focus was only on me.

My life changed when I realised that my calling and passion is to be of service to others. Life is more meaningful and purposeful when I started to put people first. Now I ask myself : “How can I best serve and add value to others?” I have never felt regretful nor discontented when I use that question as a guide throughout my life’s journey.

3) Dare to move forward.

Failure and setbacks often drive you into a form of paralysis. At most times, it stops you from taking constructive action. I know it too well because I have experienced it many times. Instead of giving in to these feelings, think of specific actions you can take immediately to remedy the situation.

4) Keep things simple

In life, you may find yourself overwhelmed with too many things going on and too many things to do. But there are only a few things that really matter and you must discipline yourself to focus on only those activities. Decide what needs to be done and eliminate those things that are distractions. This is the key to simplification.
Some examples of things that matter : Spending quality time with your loved ones. Taking care of your health by exercising and eating well. Focusing on making positive difference for the greater good in whatever vocation you are in.

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5) Look For The Opportunities and Lessons

I’ve learned that things in our life that we think are happening TO us, are actually happening FOR us. Look for the opportunities behind every obstacle. Every circumstance teaches you something, it helps you to grow.

There will come a time in your life when you feel like it’s the end. That is the very moment that you start to experience a new beginning. If things seem dark right now, know that the dawn will soon appear.

6) Never stop believing in yourself

Do not listen to naysayers, they may bring you down but you must never stop believing in yourself. Work hard, be consistent and never give up until you succeed in achieving your goals.

7) You Get Out of Life Exactly What You Put In

If you want happiness, do what makes you happy. If you need love, learn to GIVE love.
If you feel alone, BE a friend, if you need to be heard, LEND your ears to others and be a good listener. If you want things to change, CHANGE the way you think and the things you always have done. CHANGE creates OPPORTUNITIES. It’s not easy to practice in all these areas, I am still work in progress. However, I’ll remind myself I need to find one thing that I can improve 1% at each day.

8) Do Not Compare Your Life With Others

It is meaningless to compare your life with others. Run your own race. God gives each of us unique talents and gifts. Always be content that we are special in our own ways.

9) Take charge of your life.

Everything you are or ever will be is the result of what you do or fail to do. Resolve to accept 100 percent responsibility, with no blaming or excuses, for everything that happens. Take personal control of your thoughts, words and actions. Become the master of your own destiny.

10) Sow seeds of encouragement

We reap what we sow. Our seed determines our harvest.
Think good thoughts. Speak kindly of others. Let your words be those of encouragement, blessings, hope and love. Eliminate negativity, criticism, judgement and anger. Sow good seeds and enjoy the harvest of blessings God has promised you.

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