10 Tips to Make an Awesome 2015 – Part II

Here are another 5 tips to make an awesome 2015 :

6) Make a commitment to fitness

The world’s happiest people are physically fit. Make a commitment and build fitness into your schedule. You may consider joining a class at your fitness club, an exercise group or a team sport. Doing any of these things will not only make your workouts more productive, but they will also be more fun.

You do not necessary need to sign up with an expensive gym membership, you can do your workout at home if you like. You want to build the discipline to workout at least four or five times a week. You want to flex your body, you want to work on flexibility, on stamina, on cardio. You want to get really physically fit. Especially in these turbulent times right now, one of the best moves you can make is to be physically strong so you can be mentally strong.

7) Expand your thinking with new experiences

Jack Canfield, co-founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and co-author of The Success Principles shared this idea:

Each month for 30 days in a row, commit to doing something new that you have thought about doing, but have not done, and notice how it affects your life.

Some possibilities: do aerobic exercise for 30 minutes, listen to positive audio recordings, eat mostly vegetarian or raw food, avoid processed food, get eight hours of sleep, mediate for 15 minutes, read self-help book every morning for 30 minutes, plan your next day’s schedule and prioritized your to do list. Do five things every day that forward your No.1 goal, drink 10 glasses of water, take a nap and pray every morning before you start your day.

Start this month and do one activity for the next 30 days in a row and then assess how it has impacted your life.

8) Commit to Growth

Be a student of all you do.

Some suggestions: Ask questions of mentors and peers. Attend training. Start today by identifying areas for improvement, looking for training opportunities in your field and signing up for seminars (or webinars), reading or listening to personal development materials, seeking out people you would like to emulate and approaching those you like as mentors.

In a nutshell, it is all about constant progress, which creates a great source of positive energy and happiness.

9) Have Gratitude

I especially like this quote by Wally Lamb on gratitude: ” I cried because I have no shoes, until I met a man who have no feed.”

I used to think I need new clothes each new year (or Lunar New Year), however, when I clean out or organize my closet, I realize I have too many new clothes that I have yet to wear. I have many choices and combination of new outfit to wear and should be making the best of what I already have.

In many areas of our life, we are often surprised by how we already have what we need if we just choose to look at things differently and be creative in the choices we make.

Take a life inventory. How are your relationships with friends and family? Are you doing the things you love the most?
Be thankful of your daily blessings and focus on what you have. Have an abundance mindset versus scarcity mindset.

Having an abundance mindset basically means knowing that there is plenty out there for everyone. People with an abundance mindset appreciates the uniqueness of others. They think win/ win and success would to them would mean that it must be mutually beneficial results to all involved.

Scarcity mindset finds it difficult in showing happiness for the success of others including family, friends, colleagues or business partners. People with scarcity mindset has difficulty in sharing credit, recognition, power and profit.

10) Savoring Life simple pleasures

Make the time, on a regular basis, to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Enjoy a great cup of hot tea. Listen to your favourite songs, take a walk at the beach, watch the sun set ( or sun rise). Make time to enjoy a nice healthy meal and have great conversation with someone you care about. So you want to schedule your time at least once a week with some activity that will help you savor the process of life with simple pleasures.

May you be blessed with an AWESOME and FABULOUS 2015 !

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