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You Were Born With Greatness

I spent significant years of my life living out on other people’s dreams. It was not intentional, rather it was a habit that was cultivated since I was young. Growing up, I have always followed the golden rules, trying to be the “perfect obedient child” doing the “right” things that pleases my parents, teachers and older siblings. Living up to others’ expectations included behaviours like: Going to unimaginable lengths to make others happy or please them. Constantly agreeing on things
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How to Handle Challenges

Most of us when face a problem, we may easily allow anxiety to take control . We may feel nervous, overwhelmed and frustrated. However, our challenges and disappointments can take us all to the path of discovery, strength and greatness. Here are simple suggestions to look at things in a positive perspectives:   Be Thankful. We tends to think about what is missing and ignore what we have. When we develop an attitude of gratitude, we begin to view things from
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How to Tackle Big Challenges

Recently, a client came to seek help in finding a solution to an overwhelming challenges in her life. The challenges that she is facing had developed over many years and now, like some of us today, she is looking for a quick fix – unfortunately, this was not possible. Often in our busy lives, we tends to ignore some of our challenges rather than dealing with them as they arise. The problem with this is many times these issues never
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