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Five Ways to Find Greater Happiness and Peace of Mind.

Recently, I met up with a close friend, a client and a relative on separate occasions and they have a common issue, they shared about their disappointments, pain and setbacks at their work places. Often it was caused by people at work rather than their job itself. I understand and can relate to their situations. I had my disappointments, failures and setbacks too. The truth is, if you find a path with no obstacles, it is most likely a path
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Your Biggest Breakdown Can be Your Biggest Breakthrough -Oyster Story

Sometimes, on our journey in life, we will be faced with circumstances that we cannot avoid. Sometimes, we will need to do things that we are not very comfortable in doing. No matter how bad things are, know that this too shall pass. Let me share with you the story of the oyster. This story inspired me to press on when I’m faced with challenges and set backs. Do you know how oyster produce a pearl? An oyster in a
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