Regina Cho is passionate in helping people and believes in making a positive difference in serving the community. As a career coach, she works with individuals with diverse employment backgrounds such as those who are employed, in career transition, fresh graduates who are searching for their first job, as well as those who are unemployed.

She helps people with complimentrary resume writing, provides career guidance , job interviewing skills, job searches, with a focus on online entrepreneurship, social media and professional networking.

She also network with a pool of companies and link job seekers to the companies with suitable job vacancies.

As a volunteer Youth Mentor, Regina guides teenagers at Student Advisory Centre and provides career coaching to job hunters at Career Transition.


My Life has been transformed remarkably...

Theresa ChuaRegina is an answer to my prayers, like an angel she has lifted my spirit by giving me encouragement and assistance constantly. My life has been transformed remarkably through her career guidance. From low self esteem, no confidence person, I have changed to become a confident and optimistic person. My self esteem has also increase!

Thank you, for the life changing experience! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to connect with you.

Theresa Chua

I feel motivated and inspired...

Amy AngRegina is my best career consultant and mentor. She is passionate in what she does and is always encouraging. I feel motivated and inspired when I am with her. I have learned to stay optimistic in all circumstances. Regina is truly my great career mentor!”

Amy Ang Mee Yam

My job search process was much easier

Irene“It’s a privilege to have met Regina as my career consultant. She has been most helpful in securing a job match for me. Her patience and sincerity are evident. With her kind assistance, my job search process was much easier.”

Irene Lim Peck Lay

I am able to get a job after ...over 7 years

Serene“I am grateful to Regina for helping me with my resume and sharing valuable interviewing tips. She has helped me to explore my career options and by giving me constant moral support and career guidance, I am able to get a job after being unemployed, stayed at home mom of over 7 years. Now, I continue to work in the same job for more than 5 years.”

Serene Tay Kim Lian

She is full of encouragement, sincere in helping...

Jude“When I first met Regina, she’s full of encouragement, sincere in helping and always had time to listen to my woes. From the bottom of my heart….A HEARTY THANK U! Glad to have met you and proud to call you a friend! ” 

Jude Neville

she is very attentive to all of us...

Taufani Isavera“Regina is very attentive to all of us (me and my classmates). She keeps following up on our progress and has shown concerns when we encountered challenges. She always help us to look for jobs. She is able to multi-task in career coaching, build relationships, interacting and bond closer with students. Thank you so much for guiding us. Through her coaching, I am able to enhance my customer service delivery to my customers in my own business.”

Siti Norhana Bte Nordin

She is most inspirational ...

Joseph Yong“Ms Regina Cho is most inspirational Career Consultant, she recognizes my strengths. Without Regina I would not be a community worker. She has made me realize the importance of serving, taught me how to be positive and believes that ‘there is always hope and happiness’, she motivates and cheer me on when I seek her for guidance. Sincerely, I would like to thank Regina for making me a good community worker that i am today and will always be grateful to her.  ”

Joseph Yong

Great and passionate coach...

Jonathan“Regina has helped me in seeking for the right job. With her knowledge and experience, she has taught me how to converse well in interviews and even assisted me in getting a job. Great and passionate career coach!”

Jonathan Tan

I am happy and contented at my job...

Joanne“ I’d like to take this opportunity to tell Regina that I really appreciate her advise and help when I am stressed with my job. Thank you for your listening ears and words of wisdom. It's really difficult to make a choice and a decision because we cannot go back if we are wrong. I am glad you’re there to help me make a good decision. Now I am happy and contented at my job because I got the right location, right working schedule, the ideal environment that I have long for. Wish you success in all you do!”

Joane Bocol

she has gone the extra miles...

Dean“I have childhood friends and families that have shown concern for me in life and in my career. Another person that has shown these qualities and care for me is Ms Regina Cho. No blood ties with her, but she has gone the extra miles in getting the ideal job and she can advise you on the progress that you could take. Thank you Regina.”

Dean Syed

she has been very sincere in assisting me...

Evarend Niketa Sazali“ I am really glad to meet Regina, she has been very sincere in assisting me. She kept me posted in job vacancies. She shared interviewing tips and provides useful information on job search strategies. Thank You so much for your guidance, kindness and patience. I deeply appreciate it.”


Evarend Niketa Sazali

I've learnt how to write compelling resume that get noticed...

Wang Cheng Ding“ Previously, before I met Regina, I find it difficult to organize and structure my resume, thus, it affects my chances of being shortlisted. With Regina’s sincere, patient advice and assistance in reviewing, refining and devising my resume. I've learnt how to write compelling resume that get noticed by prospective employers. I feel more confident, less stressed now.” 

Wang Cheng Ding

Grateful for the life changing experience

"Thank you for helping me achieved where i am today, I am able to accomplish my goals and resolutions with your kind assistance, constant encouragement, positivity and sincerity. Grateful for the life changing experience. Big thank you." 


Ronald Onyango

God sent ....continue to inspire and motivate people

Dear Ms Regina Cho,

It's indeed a privilege for me and my friend to know you. God sent you to us by fate and not by coincidence.

Knowing you...not just for a professional purpose but also your friendship means so much to us. Thank you for your wonderful mentorship and coaching. God bless you always and please continue to inspire and motivate people with your gift.


Marilyn E. De Jesus

You are God sent !

Regina has helped me to be at ease the very first time I met her. She refined my resume and shared with me job vacancies regularly. Her consistent encouragement strengthen my resilience and I am very grateful. Thank you, Regina, for your constant edifying words of encouragement. You are indeed God sent !



Nellie Tan Chwee Tin