How to achieve your goals


In my previous post, I wrote about one question that I constantly remind myself whenever I am feeling overwhelmed.

I received an email asking me how I break down one big goal into smaller (mini) goals. Today, I am going to give you some examples of how to do it.

Here are the simple steps to achieve your mini goals that lead to achieving your main big goal.

Take for example your big goal is to get your dream job. To get there, initially it may seems daunting. However, if you break it down to baby steps, you will be able to get to your desired destination.

Here are simple examples for job hunters:

List down your mini goals :
Examples :
1) Search for job vancancies in your desired industries and submit your resume to prospective employers.
2) Write a well structured and good resume
3) Prepare yourself well and present yourself confidently for any job interview.

List down your barriers (challenges):
1) You may not know where to look for your desired available job vacancies.
2) You may not know how to write a winning resume that gets recruiters’ attention.
3) You may not feel very confident going for an interview.

List down your assets:
1) You may have good network with people in your desired job industries.
2) You may have a mentor or career coach to help review and edit your resume.
3) You have a trusted friend or career coach to practice interview role play with you.

Action Steps:

Pair up your assets with your relating barriers to achieve your mini goal.

(Asset #1) + (Barrier #1) = Goal #1
(Asset #2) + (Barrier #2) = Goal #2
(Asset #3) + (Barrier #3) = Goal #3

Here’s another example that I am using personally to lose 8 kilos and lead a healthier lifestyle:

I list down my mini goals:
To feel energize, strong and fit.
To lose 3 kilos in 2 months (i.e 1.5kg in 1 month)

List down my barriers (challenges)
Like to snack when feeling bored
Sedentary lifestyle (sitting in-front of the computer for long duration daily)

List down my assets:
Love to eat nuts and fruits which are healthier choices
Feel motivated to wake up early to exercise


I pair up my assets with my barriers to achieve my mini goals:

Snack on nuts or fruits when feeling bored.
Knowing that I will be sitting down most of the time, I will commit myself to wake up early to exercise before I start my day.

The above are just some simple examples, besides those mentioned, I also make it a point to drink 8-10 glasses of water and eat less or smaller portions.

As a results, gradually, I was able to lose a few kilos and feel more energetic and fit.
In short, by breaking down my big goal and taking baby steps, I developed a habit of having a healthy lifestyle and improved fitness.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, try to list down your mini goals, barriers and assets and take baby steps to achieve your main goal.

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