Your Biggest Breakdown Can be Your Biggest Breakthrough -Oyster Story

Sometimes, on our journey in life, we will be faced with circumstances that we cannot avoid. Sometimes, we will need to do things that we are not very comfortable in doing. No matter how bad things are, know that this too shall pass.

Let me share with you the story of the oyster. This story inspired me to press on when I’m faced with challenges and set backs.

Do you know how oyster produce a pearl? An oyster in a perfect living condition and ideal situation will not produce a pearl naturally.

When dirt or sand or small rock accidentally slips into an oyster’s shell, the oyster is aware of this foreign object inside itself. The oyster will feel the pain caused by this foreign object inside its body, and the oyster will produce “tears” to cover the foreign object. These tears will slowly harden and eventually form a solid substance covering the whole foreign object. The bigger the foreign object that is causing the oyster to feel painful and to tear, the bigger the pearl it will produce in the end.

In my personal life, I saw similarity. The times when I am knocked down and faced with painful experiences are usually moments when I see significant breakthroughs in the end.

Whatever you are going through right now, may I encourage you not to give up! Hang on there! Be patient! Believe that you are producing your own kind of ‘pearl’ in the end.

Make your thoughts positive, empowering and uplifting . Know that you are good enough to achieve whatever you want.

Trust in God and in HIS time you will achieve whatever good things God has planned for you. You are worthy. You are loved and your BEST days are coming!

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