Cheers To A Cup Of Success

(Video credits to @Soulpancake)

I love the team at Soul Pancake. They certainly create stuff that makes me laugh, cry, ponder and reflect.

In this short video, they got people on the street from all walks of life to meet. Strangers got together for a cup of coffee to talk about their goals, dreams, accomplishments, success, disappointments and life’s lessons.

It’s heart warming to watch the way these people open up about their life and their dreams, for examples, having disabilities, being laid off, facing huge challenges, or being appreciated, living their dreams or doing something wonderful for someone they loved or what they hoped to achieve in the future.

It’s amazing how taking time to focus on the good and sharing your success with others just brightens the day and cultivate new wonderful friendship! Way to go Soul Pancake! 🙂 Go ahead ! Share your accomplishments and your passion with someone today!

(Thank you for creating the poster quote)

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