Four Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals

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How to live a Life of Abundance

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Here is a short summary of how you can achieve your goals in four simple steps.

HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS Four Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Step 1 – Identify What is Really Important to You.

Think of every aspect of your life. Strong inner life, Family, Health, Career, Finances, Circles of friends, Contributions, etc.
Identify all aspects that are most important to you and write down a list. Rank each area in order of importance.

Set short term and long term goals. Short term can be 6 months to 1 year. Long term can be five year goals or more.

Examples: Health Goal – Your short term goal is to eat small portions and exercise regularly every day for 6 months and lose 3 kilos. The long term goal is to lose 12 kilos in 2 years and maintain your ideal weight.

Remember a simple rule – a good goal should stretch you a little and excite you a lot.

Step 2 – Decide What You Need To Do To Achieve Your Goals

Break your goals into baby steps. Decide what you need to achieve your short and long term vision. Write your goals down with why you want to achieve them, how you are going to achieve them (your action steps), and with a timeframe.

For example, if your long term goal is to lose 12 Kilos and be in the pink with your health. Your short term plan is to do aerobics, simple workouts, go for a swim or a brisk walk for 45 minutes every day. Reduce the amount of sugar and oily food intake in your diet and have adequate sleep at night.

As you progress, your ideas may evolve. You need to review your plan on a weekly basis. See what works well and what doesn’t. Take the necessary steps to adjust, tweak and re-evaluate your plan.

In addition, do not allow your weaknesses or insecurities to get in the way of deciding what you want to achieve. Never allow your current situation to influence you.

Step 3 – Practice Creative Visualization on your goals

Your written goals must be visible to you. They could be pasted on your wall so that you can see them daily.
Every day spend a few minutes visualizing yourself achieving each goal. You can create an affirmation for each focus goal.

Step 4 – Take Action

You have your goals, action steps and time frame all written down. Now the most important step is to TAKE ACTION.

Every day you need to do something to work towards your goal. When you take your first step, you set momentum for your mind to manifest your dreams into reality.
Always stay positive and consistent in your endeavors. You will get to where you want to be sooner than you think, if you focus, execute your plans and do whatever it takes to get there.

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