Giving Creates Love

Giving Creates Love

Written by Regina Cho

In ancient China, Lao Tzu once wrote “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in Giving Creates Love.”

I have always believe that giving creates a cycle of joy, fulfilment and love in life. I have learned that if a person want to experience more happiness, happiness needs to be given to others, if you want more encouragement, learn to offer encouragement to others, if you need to be inspired, be an inspiration to those you meet. These are some of God most precious gifts to humanity that anyone can give and receive to create love.

Recently, I stumbled upon an online video about India’s beloved hero, Narayanan Krishnan. He is an award winning chef with Taj Hotels, Bangalore and was selected for an elite job in Switzerland.

In 2002, he witnessed a heart breaking scene in his hometown, that he decided to quit his job and began feeding the destitute, the homeless and mentally disabled.

The scene that changed his course of life was when he saw a very old man literally eating his own human waste out of hunger. Krishnan went to the nearby hotel to buy some food for the old man. He recalled that he had never seen a person eat so fast, ever. As the old man ate the food, his eyes were filled with tears of happiness and deep appreciation.

That particular experience was Krishnan’s defining moment. He decided in that moment that helping this man and those in need would be a life well-lived, providing him happiness and meaning in life that he had yet to experience until that moment.

Krishnan said : “What is the ultimate purpose of life?” “It is to give. Start giving. See the joy of giving.” What a wise statement. There is no doubt that he has found true fulfilment and real meaning of happiness, it comes from his passion in giving to the less fortunate.

I truly believe that each of us are put in this world with a purpose. God has given us many gifts, skills and abilities. Each of us has our own unique offering. We simply need to find something we enjoy doing and build our goals around it, with a purpose of serving others.

In the past, I am fearful, I dare not take risk and do things differently. I felt unworthy and listened to critics who conditioned me to play it safe. It took me many years to decide that I should tune out those destructive negative voices.

I am a person with few words, however, I know God has given me a gift of listening. It is a great gift that has served me greatly. The benefits of listening are tremendous. By listening to others it shows I respect them. Listening builds relationships. It helps me connect with others and develop deeper relationships. By being an active listener you are meeting a need. Leadership best selling author, John Maxwell pointed out: “Everyone needs someone who he feels can truly listen to him and if you become that important listener, you help that person.”

You too have something special within you that you bought to the world. We have the responsibility to put our gifts to work. You can offer your gifts of smiles, your gifts of generosity, the gifts of playing music, making cupcakes for others or sharing your personal story to inspire others. The possibilities of things you could do to reach out to others are unlimited.


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  1. Pheck Hong

    I share all your views expressed here – it is more blessed to give than to receive! Like a smile to a stranger, a wave to a bus driver who knows me a frequent passenger, a small food gift to my neighbour, while they feel good, I feel infinitely great!

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