You Have God’s Given Gifts


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Stop playing the comparison game. Focus instead on what you have and what you could do. If you get into the comparison game, you will always be disappointed. You’ll always be able to find someone who can do a task faster, more creative, or better.You’ll always find someone who earns more, have better luck or have many big breaks than you. There is certainly no end to the comparison. There is no delight in comparison. The outcome of comparing is always personal discouragement and generally it will demotivate you from pursing what is possible.

Take personal responsibility towards personal greatness because we all have gift and potential that is given by God. Refuse to think or talk negatively about yourself.
Eliminate statements that do not serve you :”I am not capable of doing that.” “I am too young/old to start.” “I do not have anything of value to contribute.”
Each time you undervalue your potential, you decrease your worth in your eyes and in the eyes of others. Always remember that the intensity to which you value your ability is the intensity to which others will value your ability.

Have courage to accept that you have potential that you can contribute to others in your community (and the world). Take the positive attitude: “I have God given gifts.” “
I am equipped and has resources to accomplish things that I have set my mind on.”
With that attitude you will be willing to pursue and continue to pursue, personal greatness. You will attract positive people when you give out positivity.

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