How Do You Handle Fear?


Written by Regina Cho

A client of mine met up with me and asked, “How do you handle fear?”

“It depends on what type of fear” came my answer.

Looking dejectedly my client said, “Fear of change. I am not happy at my workplace, I feel burnout and meaningless in what I do, however, I am fearful of making a change. I have no confidence in going for job interviews and fear of getting out of my normal routine.”

My client’s issue with fear of change is common with many of us, including myself. At one point or another in our life, we gravitate towards fear of making a change and fear of the unknown.

In reality, if we are afraid of change, we may be operating under the wrong type of fear. We need to take a look at what our life will look like not if we try and fail, but if we continue to stay in our comfort zone, do the same thing over and over again for decades. As we look back at the duration that we may have wasted by not taking action is what that is really scary.

In life, in business, in health, in spiritual growth or in relationships, it is either staying in our comfort zone or moving forward towards our passion and desire.

Pursing our dreams and passion may require us to move away from security and our comfort zone, it requires a certain degree of risk, however in order to progress and grow, it is necessary to change.

We have the desire not to rock our own boats. We may tell ourselves, so what if I do not like my job, I am still getting an income to pay my bills. So, what if my marriage does not bring happiness, it is not such a big deal. So what if I am getting heavier, have less energy and in pain, I just have to accept it.

We all have choices, if we choose to do nothing, choose not to move forward, choose not to take action and stay where we are, in 10,20, 30 or 40 years from now, our business, health, relationships will just keep going the same way. We are just coasting, we feel contented at doing the same thing year after year. It is not wrong to stay in our comfort zone, however, the question we need to ask are: By staying where we are and not taking action are we living up to our full potential? By coasting, are we denying ourselves from reaching a possible new level of fulfillment and success?

If we really visualize “take no action to change” scenario, our life in 10,20,30 or 40 years from now will likely be somewhere between really unbearable or excruciatingly painful. That is simply because concerns that are unaddressed over time may result in the following:


  • Work without passion becomes meaningless and dreadful chores
  • Passing health becomes obesity that leads to loss of zest for life
  • Relationships that have no affection become bitter, resentful or nonexistent


Instead of thinking fear of taking action and fear of change, think of what if we do take action, change and succeed?

Visualise your success scenarios:


  • Work with passion become fulfilling, meaningful and invigorating
  • Taking constant care of your health leads to a fitter, happier, life full of zest and energy
  • Having affectionate relationships become enjoyable, more loving, more fun and leads to years of happy memories


John F Kennedy once said: There are costs and risks to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. 

The next time you feel the fear of change, fear of taking action, play out your “take no action” “getting by” scenario verses “take action” success scenario and make a choice if you still prefer to coast or reach to a new level of possible success!


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