How to Tackle Big Challenges

Recently, a client came to seek help in finding a solution to an overwhelming challenges in her life. The challenges that she is facing had developed over many years and now, like some of us today, she is looking for a quick fix – unfortunately, this was not possible.

Often in our busy lives, we tends to ignore some of our challenges rather than dealing with them as they arise. The problem with this is many times these issues never get resolved and we suddenly feel overwhelmed as things get out of control.

These challenging issues may come in a form of difficulties at work, broken relationships, failing health, or personal dreams we wish to accomplish in our lives, for examples, starting our own business, moving to a much needed career transition and etc, when we ignore these issues in our lives, at some point these problems grew to be too much for us to bear.

What makes us feel overwhelm and anxious is because we are looking at the challenging situation as a whole. However, if we focus on taking baby steps and break it down into manageable portion, we can easily tackle these issues. The key is taking one baby step at a time. We must not forget that this problems took time to grow (most probably years to develop), we cannot expect it to be resolved in an instance!

We need to first conquer our fear then break the problem down and take action to solve one issues at a time, begin with the most urgent problem. List them in order of priority. As we successfully conquer one aspect of the problem after another, soon we begin to feel less overwhelm and more relieve. With consistency, we gain momentum and what seems to be insurmountable, will soon be more manageable to tackle.

Knowing what to prioritize and breaking things down into baby steps will help you make wise use of your time and help you play at your BEST! It’s okay to do things imperfectly at first, the key is to start, make adjustment, review and improve along the way. You have the capability to deal with life’s challenges, you just need the right approach and process.

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