Is It Time For a Job Change?

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Is It Time For A Job Change? 

Written by Regina Cho

I had a chance of meeting an ex-client whom I have not seen for some time since she started working 7 years back.

She shared with me her fear of going to work everyday as she feels like she is carrying tons of bricks on her shoulder each time she wakes up and drag her way to work every morning.

Obviously, she is experiencing a pattern of job dissatisfaction. The signs seem to be common among employed people who are searching for a career switch or a change of job.

At different stage of our life, our goals, priorities, needs, wants and sometimes interests and passions may shift over time, so does our call for a different kind of vocation.

So how can you tell if you are experiencing a pattern of dissatisfaction? Here are some examples:


  • You dread going to work everyday.
  • You feel like you are dragging to work.
  • You feel uninterested and have trouble focusing.
  • You have lost enthusiasm either because the job has changed or you have.



My ex-client seems to feel struck with her current job and she is going on an “endurance” mode.

I asked her this question: ” Knowing everything you do about your present position, would you still apply for the post?”

The rational behind the question is to help her in two areas:

1) Psychologically she is moving away from her current role and it’s easier to have a different perspective.

2) It allows her to emotionally ‘resign’ from her current role and see how that feels

If you emotionally ‘quit’ and feel like you are at the top of the world or feel like you have reclaim your lost freedom, it may be time to consider a change in roles, or perhaps evaluate what you would have to change for you to be happier.

What could have held her back from finding her passion could be fear and uncertainty of the unknown.

If you find yourself psychologically “quit” but still stick to where you are, consider how to move on to the next exciting chapter of your life with new opportunities.

It is normal and perfectly okay to have fear. The key to achieve your goals is to take action despite of your fear.

It is not necessary to go at a bullet train speed, but it’s definitely a time to consider what your dream lifestyle is few years down the road, so you can start with baby steps to make it happen right now.

What’s one small step that you can take towards your desired dream goal? Figure out what that is and take one step at the time.

Sure, you might falter a bit in the beginning and there is no 100% guarantee that you will achieve massive success, but if you never take that first step, you can be sure of one thing –you won’t get anywhere–ever.

Never allow fear to stop you from getting a step closer to your desired goal. You’ll never unlock your potential if you hide within the boundary of your comfort zone.


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