Lessons from The Chinese Bamboo Plant

For the past couple of weeks I have been discouraged and overwhelmed by things that did not happen despite the best efforts I have put in.

It took me a decade to find courage to do what I have always wanted to do, I have embarked on a journey that I can live my life on my own terms, to pursue my dreams and do what I am passionate about.

I took up a few projects on online marketing and was enthusiastic in making things happen. I have spent extensive hours, days, weeks and months, learning, experimenting and exploring different things.

Many months have passed, my goals have not materialised. I have not achieved anything. I feel disappointed and hopeless. To add salt to my wound, someone close to me asked, how long have I been working hard and why have I got nothing to show. It seems that I am wasting my time, money and efforts. In situation like this, it seems only appropriate to throw in the towel, however, my heart tells me to persevere and not to give in.

On one particular day, God must have seen my discouragement and sent a message that encouraged me to focus on keeping my dreams and vision alive! That morning, as I was listening to the radio, a pastor was sharing a story of a farmer who had work very hard, struggle in his journey to achieve his vision and dreams. He spent year after year watering and fertilising the seeds of his bamboo plants. Nothing happens for four years. People laugh and mock at him. The farmer continues to haul buckets, tending his crops and watered his bamboo plant. After five years, his breakthrough came. He is living his dreams as the bamboo grows and grows. In just six weeks, the bamboo has grown ninety feet tall! No results in five years and ninety feet in six weeks! The farmer’s dreams came true and he was able to provide for his family in abundance. The pastor’s message teaches patience and persistence.

That night, I was so amazed when a friend forwarded an email video of the miracle of Chinese bamboo tree. Two exact same stories came to me on a single day! I tell myself that I just cannot ignore the lessons. God in HIS infinite wisdom has encouraged and reminded me not to give up on creating the life I want to live. How many years will I need to work diligently to see supernatural breakthrough? As many years as it takes. No more excuses. I am reminded to do whatever it takes to get the job done. God is saying if you diligently plant the seed, I will make the tree.

The message is clear, the Chinese Bamboo plant is teaching me life’s lessons on perseverance, patience and determination. Likewise, whatever circumstances you are in or people around you have to say about you, you must not give up. If you are struggling in your life’s journey, do not ever let discouragements, disappointments and doubts empower you. Embrace life and start from wherever you are and with whatever you’ve got.

At the end of the day, it is not the opinion of others that matter, what is important are how determine you are in believing in yourself and working on your dreams. You never know how close you are in achieving supernatural breakthroughs. It doesn’t matter whether you earn $10, 000 a year or $1, 000, 000 a year, as long as you have done the best you can. The question is are you willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and celebrate life?

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  1. Pheck Hong

    Timely message for me too! Thanks Regina for this welcomed write up! I’m sure many face the same set of circumstances and doubt creeps up. How significant belief is, and how much we need it! Soldier on!

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