Lessons from Seagulls

(Photo and video taken in Perth – Barrack Square Jetty)

Early this month, I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to have a short vacation in Perth, Western Australia with my close pal, Jescelia and her adorable daughter Joewi. Most of our time were spent at scenic beaches, shopping at super marts and the malls. I have enjoyed myself, feeling relaxed while watching the beautiful sunset and appreciate the wonders of nature.

We were in Perth for about ten days, and on one of those days, my friends and I happened to witness a seagull which has been trapped behind a restaurant glass door, which we eventually, asked the restauranteurs to assist in setting it free.

Here is the video :

When I was watching the seagull, I reflected on an important lesson about life. At times, people are a lot like this trapped seagull, banging themselves against glass door or window. Some of us might have seen house flies doing this — they want to get out of the window, but they do not understand that they are blocked by the glass door or window! They are putting tremendous effort to get out, but realized that no matter what they do, they are getting no where.

Some of us may have done this before. Personally at some stages of my life, I am guilty of doing this too! For example, I may have started a project that did not meet my goals and objectives for many months but I just find it difficult to let go (or cut my losses). It is like I hit myself against the glass door or windows over and over again. Hoping that things will change.

What I could have done better to overcome the problem is to take a step back and assess what is really going on. A wiser approach is to find ways to do things differently. It is necessary to take time to examine a situation or find time to ‘sharpen my axe to chop more wood’.

Some of us are set in our ways to do the same things over and over again. We are in our comfort zone and safe harbour. There are new opportunities and discoveries every day – many of which can make our lives easier and gives us more freedom — but if we don’t learn about them or seize opportunity, we are actually holding ourselves back.

Do not be trapped by your own fears. Have the courage to let go of limited beliefs that does not served you. Freedom and happiness are within your reach, however, it is the choice that you have to make that set you free. Each of us, in our own unique ways are capable to make it happen!

If freedom and happiness are something which you desire, believe that you have the power to achieve them ! I have learnt that to change my circumstances, I should not try to change others, but it starts with changing myself.

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