Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back ?

I got to admit, for years, I used to hold back on doing the things my heart tells me to do. I dreamed of doing many stuff but was too afraid to move out of my comfort zone. My fear has led me to come up with numerous excuses.

Most of my excuses are pretty lame excuses. Honestly, I was scared that I was not good enough, not qualified enough, not capable enough. I had self imposed limiting beliefs about myself, my worth as a human being.

I admired successful people and they seemed to be doing all the awesome things that I dreamed of doing. I tend to think they have got good breaks, good looks, born in a wealthy family, had all the right connections and perhaps they had innate talents that I do not have.

Someone shared with me this impactful and profound story which I love to share with you. This story changed my perspective.

THE STORY OF THE 2 WOLVES – A Navaho Indian tells her grandson a story about 2 wolves that lives inside of him. One wolf is jealous, bitter, has envy, has a scarcity mindset and believes everything in the world is wrong. That wolf thinks that people are no good and nothing good ever happens to it. Then there’s another powerful wolf who also lives inside of you that has empathy, love, passion, knows they can accomplish anything and see’s the bright side of anything. They always view the glass half full. Then the Grandson asks, “Well, what wolf wins Grandma?” and she replies, “The one you feed grandson.”

Gratefully, I came to realise that I am wasting too much time and energy thinking of non – productive limiting thoughts that do not serve me at all. I finally realised that whatever answer I needed is found within me. I have to work on things that matter and stop making excuses.

I need to be willing to commit to learn new things and work really hard to figure things out.

And I sincerely believe it’s the same for you.

Whatever answer you need right now is found within you. You are capable of achieving and reaching your full potential !

Doesn’t matter where you came from, what background you had, how much time, money, experience, or anything else that you feel you may lack — you were truly born with everything you need to reach your grandest dreams and your highest possibility.

Never allow excuses to hold you back. Excuses about why others can be successful in achieving their dreams but we can’t.

Excuses are like self imposed chains that tied us up, keeping us trapped in mediocrity, keeping us from pursuing our dreams. However, here’s the good news, we are the ones who hold the key to our personal freedom.

From my own personal experience, and having the honor of working with many people from all walks of life, I have seen some common excuses that hold many of us back. The most liberating news is they can be overcome.

I truly believe that everyone one of us deserves the chance to live an extraordinary life. And we have the power to choose how we think.  We need to let go of self limiting beliefs and start to reclaim our birth right of achieving greatness! Keep believing and keep moving forward. No matter what is happening in your life today, you have a reason to be excited about your future!


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