You are a Masterpiece

(Story of Paul Smith)

We need to focus on the blessings not the burden. What we focus on we magnify and enlarge. In our mind, if we keep focusing on problem, we are simply making it bigger.

You may have something that are limiting you, an outdated beliefs, your past conditionings that are not serving you. Or you may feel as thou you are ‘handicap’ because of your lack of education, lack of experience or that your age is holding you back from pursuing certain dreams. Some people may complain that they are too tall or too short, too thin or too fat. These thoughts do not serve us at all. Do not magnify what is wrong, channel your thoughts to your blessings. God said you are a masterpiece. Do you see yourself as a masterpiece?

My sharing is very simple stop focusing on what you lack. Focus on what you have.
It takes the same amount of energy to believe as it does to worry.

A client sent me this inspiring video of Paul Smith, a talented typewriter artist. What’s incredible about Paul was the fact that he suffered from severe spastic cerebral palsy from an early age but was determined to live life with passion and unique purpose. The loss of motor control of his face and hands made it difficult for him to attend school. His condition made it difficult for him to eat, bathe and clothe himself. However, he never sees himself as handicap or incapable. He recognized his God’s given talent and gave it all he had.


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(Mother Teresa by Paul Smith)

Paul discovered the typewriter and a technique for using it to create pictures. He was able to use one hand to steady the other and thus press the desired key. Started at the age 15 and as he progressed he refined his technique and created numerous magnificent and beautiful art pieces.

He may not be able to do many things for himself, however, that did not stop him from using his God’s given talents and skills which he passionately creates and shared with the world through his magical artwork. He considered not his circumstances but he was fully persuaded that he had gifts to share with others.

(Red Brick House by Paul Smith)

Great reminder for us to focus on what we CAN DO. If you are going to see your dreams come to pass you have to consider not your negative circumstances. Focus on what you CAN DO, not what you can’t. Replace your limiting beliefs with EMPOWERING thoughts. Do not get discourage. Be encourage and believe that you can do amazing things. Keep moving forward! Use your talents, skills and get busy with your passion. Start to get wildly excited about your future! Have faith that God has explosive blessings in store for you!

You are not average. You are not ordinary. You are God’s Masterpiece and it is now your time to pay it forward to create your own masterpiece with your passion.

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