Simple Tips for Remembering Names

Have you ever had the feeling that you cannot remember names or you go to a party or any functions and you are introduced to someone , and 20 seconds later you cannot recall his or her name?

Why do we forget people’s names?

The primary reason is interference. Interference is defined as any mental or physical activity that distracts our concentration during the introduction.

We often think other things while being introduced and as a result, we block out the name as it is being said.

Remembering names can be mastered with some techniques and practice.
Here are some useful tips for remembering names :

1) Establish direct eye contact and smile during the introduction
2) Give your undivided attention to the introduction
3) Listen carefully and repeat the name immediately.
4) Think of someone with the same name.
5) Form an association with the name, for example, if you meet Ms Jess Brown,
you can mentally form a picture of Jazz (sounded like Jess) instrument like a saxophone that is brown in color.
6) Do not worry if the association is not flattering
7) Use the name frequently during the conversation
8) If you have forgotten the name or did not hear it the 1st time, ask the person to tell you again or even to spell it out.

Hope you may find these techniques useful.

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