Ten Lessons Life Has Taught Me

As we welcome year 2015, I reflect on the important lessons life has taught me.

1) It is meaningless to compare your life with others. Run your own race. God gives us unique talents and gifts. Always be happy and thankful that we are special in our own ways.

2) What is possible for the world and what is possible for me is only a matter of ‘how’.
Figure out how things work. If you do not make it on your 1st try, keep trying, tweaking and testing until you find the answer you are looking for. (The above video is a classic example of never giving up!)

3) To consume tons of ideas and knowledge is pointless if you do not apply what you have learned. Ideas are nothing if you do not put it into action.

4) It is better to serve than wait to be served. It is better to create than to wait for opportunity. Start to create your own opportunity and stop waiting for opportunity to knock on your door.

5) Happiness comes in the simplest form of being thankful for what you have daily. Focus on what you have and not what you lack. What you focus on expands.

6) Embrace failure it is a gift in the form of a lesson.
Failure is a mother of success that teaches us to learn and to grow.

7) Think before you speak. Speak of kindness, of goodness and of love.

8) Material possessions (and wealth) bring no comfort when a person is ill. Invest your time on your loved ones vs sacrificing your health accumulating wealth.

9) Do the things that makes you happy, ignore the naysayers and the doubters. God has placed the dreams and passion in your heart for a reason. It is wiser to please God than to please man.

10) We are rich. Just look around you and you know how blissful you are. Living with joy means turning your thoughts off yourselves and purposely turned your thoughts to how you could be a blessing to someone else.

As we welcome 2015, may I wish all of you God’s great blessings, happiness, good health and life full of love that you, your family and all your loved ones so deserve.

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