10 Tips to Wealth and Abundance

Wealth/ Abundance

Here are ten best tips about wealth and abundance:

1. Replace scarcity with an abundance mindset

It has been said you become what you think about most of the time. The thinking patterns of self- made millionaires are that they have the habit of thinking in terms of financial independence. They then discipline themselves to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to achieve those goals. Have an abundance mindset, focus on endless possibilities and opportunities that are in store for you.

2. Create your own opportunities.

Do not wait for things to happen. If you did not get the opportunity that you have been waiting for, create your own opportunities.

3. Add value to people.

Add value and help as many people as you can. The source of abundance is to add value and be of service to others. It is the Law of Sowing and Reaping. The law says, “Whatsoever you sow, that also shall you reap.” Whatever you put in, or do for others, will eventually come back to you. Make a positive impact on society through your business (or your job).

4. Start something in a way to share your passion.

It can be starting a business or a hobby. Share your talents, and your knowledge with the world. Someone might express what you suppress. Express your talents and passions that benefit others.

5. Shatter your self limiting belief.

To attract abundance, you need to break free from self imposed limits. You have to take full responsibility for creating your own opportunities and not blame anything on lack of business opportunities in the economy, lack of family financial provision, bad employer, etc. Do not play the victim. Take control of your destiny and be a victor.

Wealth and Abundance
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6. Leverage the Power of Affirmations.

Repeat several times a day in your mind or audibly: “I am thankful that abundance comes to me in many sources on an increasing and consistent basis.”

7. Determine How Much You Want and Why You Want It.

It is important to have a specific plan of how much you want and why you want it. Ask yourself these two questions:

• How much money do I want to make?

Be specific, instead of saying “I want to have financial freedom,” instead say, “I want to earn passive income of $5K per month in two years”.

Without having a specific amount, your creative mind and willpower will not have anything to grasp onto. Since there is no plan of action, there will be nothing to execute and no outcome to aim for.

• Why is the money important to me?

Know exactly why you want it. It is important to know your why because people will always work harder when they are focused on what they want. Energy, will power and effort will be put into their goals.

8. Know Where Your Money is Going.

Wealth can only happen on purpose. Have a plan for your money, or you will spend your life losing it to someone who does have a plan for your money. Managing your money on purpose means that you need to keep track of where your money is going.

9. Be a Problem Solver.

Identify what problems you can solve for people. People who solve problems for others are money magnets. Always be honest and sincere in your dealings, never beg or scam people. Build your relationships through trust. Find out what people really need, do your research and find solutions to their needs. You can take away the pain they are experiencing or you can provide the pleasure they seek. That is where abundance flows.

10. Wealthy People Do Not Procrastinate.

They make things happen. Focus on your purpose and do not make excuses. Now that you have read and understand the principles of wealth and abundance, it’s time to take action. Write out a plan of action and execute your plan.

Success starts with taking the first step. Someone will set higher goals, stretch their limits and create a fresh new beginning.

Ask yourself this: “Why not me? If it’s not now, then when?”

Recognise your strengths and know that you were born into genius. Wealth and abundance is your birthright! Take action to claim your personal and financial success that should be rightfully yours.

“The secret of your wealth is hidden in your daily routine. What you do habitually will impact what you become permanently.” -Mike Murdock

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