What's Your Life's Mission ?

This is such a beautiful story that touched my heart and compelled me to share. We can all learn to show care to strangers and loved ones alike by bringing smiles and joy to those who crossed our path.

Jaden Hayes, who lost both parents at a young age, was sick and tired of seeing everyone else sad all the time, so the six-year-old devised a plan to change that. Steve Hartman profiles the young Georgia boy who believes a smile is the best medicine for people who feel sad.

Jaden has a heart of a generous giver. Personally, I believe everyone has a life’s mission and for him, his mission is to make people smile. He does this by giving (which I strongly shared the same sentiments). When we love, we give. And when we give, we truly live. “For to live is to love. And to love is to give.” Such is the flow of life.

We can be a little kinder with our words, our action and be a cheerful giver, be generous with our time, give a smile, a handshake, an encouraging word or just lend a listening ear to those who needed it in times of adversity. I truly believe that true wealth is not measured by how much money you accumulate but by how much LOVE you give.

(Photo taken in Perth, Western Australia)

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