Why not You ?

Sometimes, we need reminder that we are living in an abundance of opportunities. We do need to stay alert and take action.

Recently, I found a very unique and interesting video created by Amy Krouse Rosental. She has created an amazing experiment that study human behavior. Amy decided to hang money on a tree and called it money tree on a public street. She has a hidden camera to capture the reactions of people passing by the money tree. She hung a dollar note all over the tree and in total there are 100 dollars. We would think that all the money will be gone in a blink of an eye or by the spilt seconds.

Interestingly, however, it was a different scenario then what we would have thought of. There are many people who passed by the money tree and yet did not realize that there is money on the tree. Some saw the money, however, they decided not to seize the opportunity and carry on their walk and let the money stay on the tree for someone else to take. There are a few people who take a dollar note and leave the rest untouched. Very few would take more than one.

Watching this video makes me think, how many of us would see an opportunity and not do anything about it? Perhaps, some people would rather continue to keep up with their normal routine and not seize opportunity because they might be skeptical of the ‘unusual’ blessings. Some might think, it is too good to be true, better not take any risk of doing something different.

I observed that perhaps people are also not greedy, they may take one or two and let others enjoy the blessings. We are living in a world of abundance, we need to share the joy of abundance and leave no room to be selfish.  We have the power to choose, sometimes when we see opportunities but decide to do nothing, someone else will do something.

(Here’s Amy KR experiment video)

One of my favorite mentor, Jim Rohn, who is an inspiring motivational speaker and author once asked his audience: Why not you? Why not now? Why not see how many people you can reached? Why not see how far you can go? You can make the choice, you can become powerful. Things are going to evolve, why not start from you?

Jim Rohn encourages his audience to questions themselves on the power of  ‘WHY’. He teaches us that in leadership, if the why is powerful, the how is easy. Have a vision of why and start to establish your goals.

We could also reflect on a couple more questions….

How many times have we overlook on opportunities when we have the chance to seize it?

How are we going to do things differently and improve on our situation with the opportunities that are available?

When blessings come our way, do we have an abundance vision?

Do we take the time to stop, look and take action or are we too consumed in doing our own thing?

Here are some questions we could learn and ponder.

Someone will come up with fresh new ideas to make the world a better place today………..why not you?

Someone will help a stranger, deliver hope to the helpless…..why not you?

Someone will use stumbling blocks as stepping-stones and turn fear into faith….why not you?

Someone will let go of their past, rewire their present and reignite their passion….why not you?

Someone will set higher goals, take bigger risks and go to beyond their limits….why not you?

Someone will end their excuses, let go of their doubts and break free of their fears…… why not you ?

Someone will ride on a gondola in Venice, discover the magnificent works of Michelangelo’s most amazing paintings in Sistine Chapel…..why not you?

Someone will sip coffee at a well-known cafe and enjoy the scene of the famous Champs Elysees in Paris …….why not you?

Someone will see the Great Barrier Reef or take a trip across the Amazon….why not you?

Someone will swim with the dolphins, watch the sun set while sailing in the Caribbean …. why not you?

Whatever your heart’s desire to do or see ——- you can achieve it.

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Yes—- why not you? You are blessed with God’s given talents and skills. I believe our future success is up to us, but I know that we all need God’s help, so we need to ask HIS guidance especially when we are face with doubts and uncertainty.

We are blessed to have been given the gifts of life, but it’s up to us to decide if we are going to use God’s gifts to improve our own lives as well as the lives of others.

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