You Are Blessed And Born To Shine

Have you ever felt that your age might be a barrier to achieving your dreams ?
A number of my job seeking clients felt that they are either too old or too young to get a job, to start living and fulfilling their dreams. Frankly, I find that age should not be a barrier to pursuing one’s passion.

Here are two awesome videos that proved to us that age is not a barrier to live your passion.

You can fulfill your passion at any age.

The first video shows a 54-year-old grandmother, Lillie McCloud, who brought the “X-Factor” judges to near tears with her performance.
McCloud says that although she has recorded and performed locally, she has waited for years for her “big break”. It seems as though her time is now. Demi Lovato, one of the X factor judges said about Lillie’s performance

“I feel like maybe your time wasn’t supposed to happen until now.”

Demi is right. And Lillie certainly has put her God’s given talents and gifts to good use. She has touched the hearts of so many people with her amazing voice and performance.

Kelly Rowland (another X factor’s judge), who had also been wiping away tears during the performance, commented, “the fact that you sang to people a song they didn’t know, and you all could feel that. Every single part of this room, you touched with your voice.”
Lillie showed the world that no matter what your age may be, keep believing in yourself and never let go of your dreams. For Lillie, as a grandmother, her time is NOW.

Here’s another video of Kaitlyn Maher, she is an adorable 4 years old girl who just loves to sing. What’s special about Kaitlyn is that she is not afraid to show the world she has what it takes to warm their hearts . This video of America’s Got Talent was shown some years back.However, it is still worth sharing.

These two videos serve as a good reminder for us to move forward, let go of your fears, doubts, overpower the naysayers, and take that leap of faith to be who you want to be, to pursue your passion—no matter what your age, gender, race, or where you are from. Time for YOU to SHINE with your God’s given talents and gifts!

Maybe you have spent years to learning in your field and building a career only to realize you are not passionate about your job. This can make it challenging to let go and walk away. After all, you have already spent a good part of your life pursuing your profession. Perhaps you have reached the peak of your earning potential, and have earned a significant title at your profession.

You might feel highly resistant to leave that profession and pursue your passion. You may also think it is tantamount to accepting and resenting that your work and life this far were such a waste.

The only thing that is wasteful is denying what is within your heart. Ignite the fire within and have the courage to live the life you were meant to live. Whatever your passion may be, YOU are BLESSED and born to SHINE!

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