You Were Born With Greatness

I spent significant years of my life living out on other people’s dreams. It was not intentional, rather it was a habit that was cultivated since I was young.

Growing up, I have always followed the golden rules, trying to be the “perfect obedient child” doing the “right” things that pleases my parents, teachers and older siblings.

Living up to others’ expectations included behaviours like:

  • Going to unimaginable lengths to make others happy or please them.
  • Constantly agreeing on things as a way to avoid conflict.
  • Being diplomatic and cautious in the choice of words so as not to offend anyone.
  • Being very patient with others’ opinions even when they differed significantly against personal opinions.
  • Submitting to the will of others because we are afraid that saying no might hurt them.
  • The list could go on, however, you got my point.

In my early adult life, the “perfect obedient child” syndrome continued, until I became aware that I was suppressing my own will, feelings and made myself a prisoner preventing myself from making personal choices.

Some of us have had times in our life when we have done something like this. A person asks us to do a certain thing and even when we do not feel like doing it, we agreed to do it.

As I grew older and gained more experience, I understood the concept of liberation. We have the power to make our own personal choices. We do not need to cater to everyone’s expectations and not everyone’s agenda is suited or best for us.

Take for example a balloon, if it is filled with air (helium), it can fly. But if you fill it with water it cannot fulfill its purpose of flying in the air. The water only weighs the balloon down.

Imagine you are like the balloon, you are meant to fly and be free, but instead you fill yourself with people’s expectations (like the balloon filled with water), you prevent yourself from peace, freedom and you allow people’s opinions to hold you back. You stop living your dreams, instead, you are living other people’s dreams, expectations and agendas.

This must not be you. Today, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, it is the day you will fly like the balloon because you are born with a purpose and be free in living your God given talents and potential. You are born with greatness so that only YOU can decide what is BEST for YOU!


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  1. Saroj

    Dear Regina,
    Thankyou so very much …for empowering us….for giving us hope…for rising to the occasion…and for every other good reasons…💐💐💐 May your shine never dwindle..✨✨✨Stay blessed like never before…sweetheart♥️☺️🙌

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